Promoting and Spreading Green Energy All Around Afghanistan.

About Us

Bakhtar Bastan Solar Wind-Company established in 2007 is one of the top leading solar services providers in Afghanistan. Since Afghanistan is in desperate need of electric power and about 30 percent have access to this facility while the huge remaining percentage is deprived of this privilege. Afghanistan according to its geographical location is one of the great regions having renewable energy sources. Thus, considering renewable energy as the alternate solution and with the slogan to enlighten Afghanistan with green and natural energy Bakhtar Solar started providing renewable energy services to central and rural areas of Afghanistan. We provide every kind of solar services like Solar home lighting systems, Solar Water Pumps for irrigation and clean water, Solar Refrigerators, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Street lights, Charge Controllers, Battery Backup Systems, and inverters. Bakhtar Solar Company with coordination of its high profiled international partners is ready to provide you Solar Feasibility Studies, Commissioning, Design, and installation of small home systems to power plants. Our Aim is to spread renewable energy pan-Afghanistan and bring light to your homes.